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How do you make outdoor art weatherproof?

“Is your outdoor artwork really weatherproof?”

This is the number one question we get asked all the time.  Many retailers talk about their weatherproof or waterproof outdoor art, but the truth is, in most cases, the art is composed of treated canvas, metal or wood.  While those materials may offer a longer life span than paper or untreated canvas, they will deteriorate over time (usually just one season), and many manufacturers will recommend bringing them indoors in the harsh or very wet weather. And who needs that inconvenience?

So, I’m just going to say it. Our prints are weatherproof.  Really. That’s because they have been specifically designed to withstand anything from intense heat and direct sun through to snow storms, rain and hail.  And you don’t have to haul them indoors for half the year, just leave them out to do their job of lifting your spirits by adding colour and drama to your patio or backyard no matter how dull or depressing the day – hey November just picked up :). We are so confident that we guarantee them outdoors in all weather conditions for 5 years!  A promise you’d be hard put to get from other patio decor companies. 

“Okay, Ms. Confidence, so, what makes your artwork truly weatherproof?”

Another very good question, thank you for asking!  Well, we use a professional, commercial process and print on durable plastic materials that maintain their beauty regardless of temperature extremes.  Our inks are lightfast, so the images don’t fade rapidly in the sun as you see so often with other prints.   Our contemporary hanging hardware, also known as “standoffs”, are aluminum and along with the stainless steel screws that are provided in your package, will not rust in the elements.  

And, like I said, we guarantee your artwork will continue to look great for at least five years if you follow our instructions for installation and care.

“Hah!  I knew there was a catch!  I have to care for my print?” 

Relax! The good news is, our prints are super low maintenance. When you receive your print, we include a full-size installation template that makes it essentially fool-proof to install on a vertical surface.  I know, I’ve even done it myself! 

The rain, freezing rain, snow, ice, sun and autumn leaves will not damage the artwork because it is designed to live outdoors all year ‘round. If you feel you need to clean your artwork – maybe a mud-storm or large dog ran through your backyard — we recommend you simply give it a light spray with a garden hose (the print, not the dog) to rinse it off.  You only need water, and maybe a micro-fiber cloth to gently wipe, so you can leave those pesky cleaning products behind! In fact, the material can scratch if you do try using chemicals, solvents, detergents or anything abrasive on your artwork. 

Now all you have to do is leave that beauty to air-dry, then sit back and enjoy the view! 

Lisa Hartley, Founder of Off the Wall On the Fence