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Butterflies are Free

It’s one of those glitches in the human condition.  Basically, we want what we can’t have.  Case in point – how many times have you dreamt of curling back up in bed for an extra half hour on a weekday morning?  And instead of dealing with the usual morning routine panic – breakfasts, lunches, make-up, blow-dry and remembering you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning yesterday so you have nothing to wear to work . . . you are rising slowly, having actual conversations with your kids and sipping a homemade cup of coffee.

And yet, we’re finding it near impossible to give in and stay home.  We are itching to get out, socialize, shop, and be seen!  This health crisis that we are all affected by is challenging our distracted society to slow down, calm down and be mindful of others.  This is the time for us to learn how to cocoon.

When I think of cocooning I naturally think of the Monarch Butterfly.  Emerging magnificently in orange and black after up to 21 days in its chrysalis, the monarch makes a great metaphor for our global situation.  The object of the self-isolation that we are all being asked to embrace is the reduction of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  That means, at the end of this journey, our family, friends and neighbours will step out to a healthier society. It’s incumbent on us to do everything we can do make sure that objective is achieved.

At Off the Wall On the Fence we are passionate about making spaces both beautiful and sustainable.  In the spirit of emerging from this crisis successfully, we want to help make your Spring and Summer surroundings as inviting as possible while contributing to the well-being of our environment.  

That brings me back to the etherial Monarch Butterfly – a symbol of strength and beauty.  Despite their ability to migrate thousands of miles in challenging conditions, the survival of the Monarch is at risk.  The loss of their habitat is a major threat. While Monarchs feed on the nectar of a number of plants, the most essential of these is milkweed because it is the only plant they use to lay their eggs.  Simply stated, the Monarch Butterfly can not survive without milkweed.

I want to send you a free pack of milkweed seeds for you plant in your garden or give to a friend or family member.  Milkweed is essential to the reproduction of Monarch Butterflies and by planting it in your garden you will attract these graceful pollinators and contribute to the growth of the Monarch population.

Simply email us at and we will mail your seeds so you will have them in time for planting season. 

And in the meantime, keep practicing the art of cocooning and try, if you can, to embrace the opportunity to slow down a little, maybe get a new perspective. Remember, your unselfish act of self-isolation will help your family, friends, neighbours and your community.  Let’s look after each other.

Image: “Monarch” by Michael Peech, Original Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, Outdoor Print Available

Lisa Hartley
Off the Wall On the Fence

Lisa has an extensive career as a brand strategist and marketer in major Canadian organizations including The National Ballet of Canada and Scotiabank. In addition to operating her new business, Lisa mentors a number of young professionals, and is often called upon for speaking engagements, consulting and writing services.