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Your Satisfaction is Our Success

Connecting with and getting to know your customers is by far the most important element of running your own business.  People start their own businesses for all sorts of reasons like becoming their own boss, or setting their own hours and operating rules and there’s always the lure of increasing income potential. 

Since we started out outdoor artwork business, we’ve had the privilege and opportunity to speak to customers one-on-one.  People have not been shy about reaching out, asking questions or giving us their thoughts about what we are up to.  Those conversations have been pivotal to our evolution – helping us as we enhance our product offering and the ways in which we deliver it. 

Recently, we sent out our first survey to friends, followers and family and we had a fantastic response.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their valuable feedback.  Our objective is to continue to evolve because we intend to always exceed your expectations and endeavour to add a little beauty, colour and value to your lives.

Customer Service and Quality Keep You Satisfied  

After being in business for a little under two years, we realize our biggest challenge is in building awareness for our concept.  In our competitive research we have not been able to find the same product out there.  There are companies who produce outdoor art, and in some cases they claim to be water or weatherproof, but we remain confident that these products don’t reflect our high quality, which is why we talk so much about our 5 year replacement guarantee.  Our prints do not need to be brought indoors regardless of the season – they won’t fade in heat and direct sun, they won’t crack in cold temperatures, and they won’t become moldy in the rainy season.  We don’t add a treatment to our prints, as some canvas wrapped art producers do.  Our materials, inks and our commercial printing process are designed specifically to withstand all weather extremes.  

We have had experiences where prints were damaged upon delivery, or where customers sought help in choosing the right image at a size that worked best in their outdoor space.  We’ve answered many questions like “will this picture from my iPhone reproduce well in a large format?”, and “what colours should I consider given my patio furniture?”. 

It’s been our pleasure to work with our customers resolve issues and lend expertise where it’s needed.  We get as much benefit from the interaction as our customers (hopefully) do! So, it was great to see in our survey that you ranked Customer Service and 5-Year Replacement Guarantee as your two top valued features of our business.  Being there for you to answer questions, give guidance or spark ideas is our #1 pleasure as small business owners.

Personalized Prints and Fine Art Are What You Really Really Want!


Before launching Off the Wall On the Fence we spent time knocking around our idea.  We were, in fact, our first customers so we designed the business to reflect things that we valued. We wanted to offer people the opportunity to transform their outdoor spaces in a meaningful way.  That’s why we developed a customization tool that made it easy for our customers to upload their own pictures.  To date, we have printed beautiful pictures of babies and fur babies, cottage docks, boats and prized gardens. 

We also happen to be art lovers, and the inside of our house is filled with originals and prints by talented artists.  That’s what inspired us to launch Artists Outdoors, featuring exclusive works printed for the outdoors by a growing gallery of Canadian Artists.  Our customization tool and Artists Gallery have helped us to differentiate from other mass print on demand businesses.  And, because we were being asked to help customers with ideas on what type of image they should install outdoors, we created a Collections Gallery that reflected people’s hobbies or personal passions.

In our recent survey, we heard from you that custom prints and fine art were the two top categories that you were most likely to choose from when deciding on your outdoor art print options.  We were thrilled to hear it and we will continue to build up our Artists Gallery and options for the custom tool. 

We also had some great suggestions that we are taking action on right now.  For example, several of you were interested in seeing galleries organized by colour palette – such a great idea to help you when you’re choosing the right art for your backyard or patio design.  Also, we heard that some of you would like to see image “groups”, multiple complementary images that work well together so you can easily create your own fabulous backyard tableaus.  We just loved these creative ideas and we are working away to make them available soon!

If You Don’t Ask, The Answer is Always No

That’s a lesson I’ve learned since becoming an entrepreneur.  My natural instinct is to not bother people.  Everyone is busy, facing their own challenges in work and life, why would they have time for me?  But, in fact, I’ve been buoyed by the support and collaborative spirit I’ve encountered not just with other small business leaders, but also with our customers.  As we learn about how to best serve you, I want to remind everyone that we are here, at your disposal, any time you have questions or just want to bounce an idea off us.  Although it’s great that we have an original concept without much direct competition, we understand that our product may generate more questions than answers.  If it happens that you’re mulling an idea but unsure about something, please reach out.  You can email us at, you can also have a look at our FAQ’s on the website.  Bottom line, don’t be shy.  We are looking forward to the moment when you experience the transformation that our outdoor art prints can bring to your happy place.

Lisa Hartley, Founder of Off the Wall On the Fence